Tutorial Default Avatar User MyBB Without Plugin
poeja .

maybe some of you doesn't want to use many plugin, especially for the simple tutorial like this one. This tutorial will update all the default user avatar to the desired one.

here is the step by step how to do this
1. Make a file in your windows explorer with name avatar.sql

2. Copy and paste this code inside it
UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `avatar` = 'images/default_avatar.gif', `avatartype` = 'gallery' WHERE `avatar` = '';

3. Open up your Phpmyadmin and import that file to your forum database

* Before you do this, make sure that your database prefix is mybb_, if you have different prefix make sure change this code mybb_users in the code above
* If you have another file picture that you want to be the default avatar, change the URL images/default_avatar.gif in the code above with your link

good luck, DWYOR


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