Tutorial Creating a MyBB Custom Page
poeja .

There are many examples of custom pages in MyBB and I will make the tutorial for om. This method is very simple and easy, it only requires basic knowledge of PHP, HTML, and CSS.

ok following the steps:

1. Create a file named project.php

2. Open and fill in with the following code

PHP Code:

('IN_MYBB'1); require "./global.php"// 1a

add_breadcrumb("Title disini""project.php"); //1b

eval("\$project = \"".$templates->get("project_template")."\";"); //1c

output_page($project); //d


3. ok before continue, i will explain about the above code

// 1a. [b] Define [/ b] to call the function of [b] global.php [/ b].
// 1b. [b] Breadcrumb [/ b] to display the navigation function of a page.
// 1c. [b] eval [/ b] is useful for inserting all the functions in a file into a template.
// 1d. [b] Output [/ b] is the caller string to display the created template.

4. Save it and try to access it.

ok it was step-by-step to create a custom page, if i have time i will update this thread with images that will make ease to understand to you all.
good luck


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