How to Speed ​​Up the MyBB Forum Load Website
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There are actually many ways to speed up the load of websites, and on average it all depends on hosting as well as a stable internet connection. But there are several ways to speed up website loading especially for MyBB web forum.

before you start way below, Try to check first what your website load score here. Do it this way to know the difference after and before doing the tutorial to speed up the MyBB forum website load.

Ok here are some ways:

1. Web Hosting
It is important for om in deciding to buy a stable and fast hosting. Because it can be said hosting greatly affect the om2 forum server website all. Before buying hosting make sure the spec you want to buy in accordance with the capacity of the forum website that will be used. I suggest buy hosting here because in my opinion the features and specs are very sufficient for the needs of the current forum website.

2. Disable forum jump
Forum jump is very useless and uses a large page load on the server especially if om has many forums. Turning off this feature can speed up page load of forum websites. The way you sign in to Admin CP > Server dan Optimisasi and find Enable Forum Jump Menu set to No.

3. Use GZIP Compression
To use this feature go to Admin CP > Server and Optimization and search Enable GZIP Compression set to yes . For the default use the number 4 but if om need fast speed without considering some advantages can choose the number 9.

4: Load CSS before Javascript
According to google, this is an efficient and simple way to reduce website forum load time. To do this go to headerinclude template on ungrouped template and search for {$ stylesheets} then move to the top.

5. Install parsing plugins like page optimizer
Download PreParser cache (if your server errors then disable this plugin) This plugin works to speed up scripting process like pre prase sig . I also recommend using imei page optimizer Page Optimizer Plugin last update of 2008 but still compatible with MyBB.

6. Compress all Image File
Use Image Smaller to compress the image file. This means that the image file will still look the same but with a size that is further reduced and will reduce the download to the server.

7. Minify and Combine JavaScript / CSS File
Minifying JavaScript and CSS files will reduce the size of the file and will impact on the forum's website load. By merging these files the request to the website will also be reduced.

8. UseCDN
CDN or Content Delivery Network is a server where we can place the image file, css, and even our javascript there. By using the CDN file load to the website will be reduced. Use Cloudflare as a CDN you all.

If you have any questions or want to share other ways also be allowed. If you want to share also can.
good luck


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