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poeja .

In August, Forumesia has issued a new theme that is more responsive and elegant, and also easy to use for the members and clients.

[Image: PQb5QoE.jpg]

This theme is more concerned with the more modern form at the present time, namely html5 and one page template as the website index. For basic colors forumesia choose black and red pink, to make it more contrast.

What are the new Features?
Forumesia added some new features one of which we added Quick reference when creating thread. What is the use? namely to facilitate the member or other users in reply to the thread with the help of Quick Reference

[Image: Y0hXpxv.jpg]

Also this is a theme that is still in development, that means not ready yet and must be fixed in some parts. So, if you find there are parts in forumesia that are not appropriate or not fit, and functions that can not be clicked please post here.

Forumesia does not use any other bootstrap or framework css, as we prefer speed at the time of first website load. Forumesia also uses Cookies to allow members to access forumesia easily and quickly in accessing forumesia.

Changelog Theme
v1 - Initial release
- Quick Reference
- Load a fast website
- Responsive Design
- Beta Release

v2 - Repair Templates
- Display on mobile
- Display thread on the desktop
- Added Login Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
- Improved User Profile
- Repair thread and reply editor
- Fixed some templates

v3 - Template Issues
- Mobile Function
- Showthread more smaller
- Fixed some templates
- Added Custom Quick Reply (mobile)
- User Setting fixed (thanks @ashley)
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ashley Junior Member
Hey i love your theme, it's nice and easy to use while i access it in my smartphone. How to make my forum like this theme? Can you share it please?

I found some error in your template. When i want to edit my profile and my avatar. Please fix it
poeja avatar
poeja Administrator
Hey, thanks for the feedback
For your information, if you need this theme you can buy it in this site by access

Can i share? Maybe later but it will different with the premium one. Free themes always not responsive for mobile.

Thanks for the report, i already update the themes in mobile. Just check it and let me know ^.^
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diskuser Junior Member
Mantab om, keren lah pokoknya
Gak terlalu itu sama bahasa inggris, tapi kata om poeja boleh poat bahasa indonesia, lanjutkan om

Ini juga masih error mungkin
[Image: US4tDq3.jpg]
Soalnya udah clear cookies gak juga


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